Rialda Sebek

Listening, Talking, Thinking, Working through

Talking therapy can help us gain a greater degree of freedom and control over our lives rather than being driven by destructive impulses. Psychic development is not automatic; it is an earned and worked through evolutionary process.

Our internal landscapes are inhabited by a multitude of unconscious thoughts and expectations deeply rooted in the early stages of life. The solutions we found the most effective in response to challenges in childhood, could later on transform into sedimented patterns hindering our progress in life. This is why it is useful to unpack and understand them to the best of our abilities.

Psychoanalytic approach is orientated towards working through blocks that impede our development. The accent is on resolving problems and opening channels for growth instead of merely prescribing a set of techniques to alleviate them. The purpose of this endeavour is to facilitate change. The human being is not an isolated self but an eminently social and political animal.

In therapeutic work the way one is being in the world and how she/ he relates to the sense of self in the family, group, society will also play an important part of therapeutic exploration.

“The ways we miss our lives are life.” – Randall Jarrell

Issues addressed:

  • • Anxiety
  • • Depression
  • • Trauma and PTSD
  • • Post natal depression
  • • Personal and professional development
  • • Problems following diffcult early life experiences
  • • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • • Difficulties in maintaining relationships
  • • Repetitive interpersonal difficulties, chaotic – self distructive lifestyles
  • • Personality disorders and mood disorders
  • • Issues arising from acculturation
  • • Eating disorders
  • • Bereavement
  • • Divorce
  • • Identity Crisis
  • • Sexuality
  • • Creativity blocks
  • • Work related stress
  • • Cross cultural differences
  • • Addictions
  • • Identity issues
  • • Gender & sexuality issues
  • • Life transitions
  • • Life crisis
  • • Psychosocial issues affecting immigrants and their families
  • • Cultural identity dilemmas