talking therapy with artist

Artists may find themselves under pressure of specific external stressors having a negative impact on their sources of creativity leaving them overwhelmed with intolerable inner conflict.

Problems such as writer’s block, stage fright, self- destructive behavior, the emotional consequences of career change and similar difficulties are often best treated with exploratory work that psychoanalytic psychotherapy offers.

Authentic self-expression and emotional responsiveness are commonly shared theme in artistic work and psychotherapy. They are prerequisites for dealing effectively with inner conflicts and personality issues.

Difficult experiences can awaken and/or intensify the need for psychological growth. Talking therapy can help us to increase our capacity for reflection and apply it creatively.

Intrapsychic factors are potent forces inciting and shaping emotional development.

Acquiring a multilevel perspective on our inner and external world can be compared to a Copernican revolution in our perception and awareness.

In my role as a therapist I was engaged with many artists who wanted to ‘loosen up‘ and move in a way that would feed back into their work.

Talking therapy was a vehicle of transformation enabling them to articulate their relationship with inhibitors and work through the blockages by creating a language that could penetrate into their creative modes of being. The focus is not on the finished product of the art but on the process of making contact with the creative springs which lie outside of one’s control.

My professional background in film industry and 20 years in journalism helps me to be more informed of the nature of work and demands met by individuals whose artistic process also provides for living.