psychoanalytic psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic approach is orientated towards working through blocks that impede our development. The accent is on resolving problems and opening channels for growth instead of merely prescribing a set of techniques to alleviate them.

The purpose of this endeavour is to facilitate change.

The human being is not an isolated self but an eminently social and political animal. In therapeutic work the way one is being in the world and how she/ he relates to the sense of self in the family, group, society will also play an important part of therapeutic exploration.

During therapy, complex emotions can be stirred but they need to be available for exploration. Therapeutic work tends to open up a whole reservoir of feelings, thoughts and urges that may be outside of your conscious awareness but actively informing your relational patterns, sense of self and the way of life.

The same blocks that hold you back from living a creative life, feeling content with yourself and developing good relationships, will emerge in therapeutic relationship. In therapy we shall explore what they are and how they came into being influencing your life beyond your awareness.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy involves a time commitment and a willingness to explore the issues of concern in order to get a greater insight into your psychic reality and the way you relate. While this kind of work may sound quite demanding it is potentially very rewarding and its thoroughness could bring longer term benefits.